Monday, August 3, 2009

I Love a Good God Moment!

I know it's been awhile since I have posted. Not much is going on the the search for our baby sister. I have met and talked to several people about their organizations they choose to use and have started gathering info on them. BUT I have a really cool story that happened last week!

Last Thursday, Kaden woke up with the most aweful swollen eye! I was freaking out so we went to the doctor! (Turns out it was a bug bite but he did have an ear infection.) Anyway, back to the story. We were sitting in the waiting room and I noticed this little Chinese girl with her mom and brother sitting across from us. I was pretty certianed that she had a repaired cleft lip...but you just don't want to ask if it just a scar, right? So, I sit there taking little peeks at the cute girl when ever I could. Then a woman from my church, who also has a little girl from China, stopped and talked to the woman. Once they finished their conversation, I got the nerve and said, "We about to start the process to adopt!" I also said we wanted to adopt a girl with a cleft lip. We had an instant connection! I told her about Kaden and she said she couldn't even tell! (I love when that happens!) Anyway, they used the same doctor that we used for Kaden! How cool is that? It was one of the greatest waiting room visits I've ever had! She gave me the info on her organization and so I sent off for an info packet!

I love when God puts people in our paths that continue to feed the fire he has set in your heart! It was amazing!