Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Card....Blog


I really had good intentions of creating a Christmas card and sending it all of our family and friends. But what I have learned this year...three kids is a big change and sometimes you have to let go of the little things!
So, in lieu of a Christmas card...I figured I could send this out to many more people if I wrote a blog!
In the 11 days since this month has begun...the Pillstrom's have been super busy!

We decorated the Christmas tree.

Each kid hung up his or her ornament.

This one says "Lynleigh, born in our hearts 2010." It's hard to believe that this time last year we were still up to our eye balls with paper work! And here we are getting ready to celebrate our sweet girl's first Christmas!
By the way...I'm sure you can tell that she's not really hanging up her ornament but instead a tag that I had already taken off the tree!

We had yet another snow day here in the south! I know! Repent! the December! It never happens! But I couldn't resist trying to get another picture of her in the snow. So this time...I chunked her out right in the middle of it!

Yeah...she hated it! She just stood there looking at me in near tears, silently begging me to help her out of this monstrosity!

So like the good mother I am, I took a few more pictures and THEN I helped her out of the snow!

This weekend was warmer (50 degrees) so I thought it would be a great day for the park! We have cooped up in the house for so long.

We bundled up and hoped that it wouldn't be too muddy.

Well, it was and despite what it looks like...she didn't really care for the park!

She really liked walking up and down the steps on the slide and I actually got the three of them to stop long enough to take a picture. Brady said this would make a great Christmas card pic but I thought showing my kids behind bars wasn't sending the right message!

So, I held little girl while the boys horsed around. I made them run a few laps just to get rid of some energy and then we went to lunch.

It's been a great month so far and with this being our last week of school....I foresee much more "fun" with the whole clan!