Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Questions...Questions...and more Questions!

Last night, Tony and I had our individual interviews with the social worker. Despite the fact that it had snowed about 5 inches the night before, we were determined to keep our appointments. So, Tony headed to meet her at her house (that was the only way she would talk to us yesterday!) right after work. They ended up talking for about an hour and a half. I met with her right after for about an hour. I left her house feeling amazing! Tony left, feeling a bit uneasy! He was concerned about some unwise financial decisions he had made several years ago. I, however, was not!

It may be hard for some people to understand, but I know that God put this in our hearts because HE wants to make it happen! I love that I'm totally learning to trust him because in case you didn't notice, we have absolutly no control over what happens in this adoption! I know...I said it! I have no control! So, I've handed this to him because it's something I just don't want to worry about! So, instead, I work hard to give him all of the glory for anything that happens!

So, back to the interview.....I learned that the social worker and I were in the same sorority....Phi Mu! Ok, not going to lie, I was pumped about that! She asked everything from whether or not I'd ever been arrested to how my little brother feels about the adoption. (btw...never been arrested! I'm a goody, remember?) I left there feeling on cloud nine and can't wait to get the home study complete!

If you are praying for us during this time, please remember to pray for Baby China's birth parents! God really got on me last night because I haven't been praying for her birth father.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

And God Continues......

To AMAZE me! I'm serious! He has provided for us in so many times when He shouldn't have, but yet He does...and I continue to be amazed everytime! We have been preparing for our next round of interviews. We will meet with the social worker individually tomorrow afternoon. I'm excited because it's been a few weeks and those weeks have seemed like it's all been a dream! I'm glad to be sitting down with her again.
This weekend we hosted a gold/silver party. God decided to provide us with the rest of our home study money through this party. Thanks to a few very generous people. we were blessed with a heafty amount of money. I have been in a state of praise for the past 48 hours. Today, we started our next fund raiser. We will be selling flip flops. You can find more information here. If you want to order, let me know!
Please be praying for us tomorrow while we continue the home study process.