Thursday, July 28, 2011


If you have known me for very long, you know that I LOVE to read! But, also, you know that I HATE non-fiction! There is just something about getting lost in the story that a fiction book does for me! I mean, I love a good book! I love the detail an author gives that just makes you feel like you are a part of the story!

Well, last weekend one of the pastors at our church handed Tony a book and suggested that we read it. You know my first thought was, "Oh yay! (insert sarcastic tone) A non-fiction book!" I'll just put it right up there with all the other ones that I have good intentions to finish but only get a few chapters in to! Now, that doesn't always happen! Last summer, I finished a Beth Moore book! I had to make myself and not read anything else! (I tend to read more than one book at a time!) Ok, back to topic...the pastor gave Tony this book and I dove right into it when we got home!

It's called Orphanology. A couple of pages into it....I was hooked! This book is an amazing journey into adoption and God's word and how they are intertwined. It talks about how we are "adopted" by God and that adoption is totally gospel centered! I love it! After one chapter I was in tears and more than ready to hop on a plane and pick up this cutie!

Sorry, I couldn't resist letting you see her sweet face again!

Back to topic! Did you know that we are all called to adoption? I know it's not for everyone and you may not be in a position to actuall adopt! But according to God's word, we are to take care of the fatherless!
James 1:27 " Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world. "
We are called as children of God to take care of HIS children! I don't know what that means for you but for me it puts this whole process in perspective! I knew from age 10 that I would adopt! I've known from the beginning of this process that God had this plan for my family! And now...I'm praying about what other plans he has for us!
He is BIG! He will do BIG things!!!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

It's Raining Pink!

I come from the land of boys! I'm not going to lie about it! I used to be the girliest girl around and then God sent all these stinky boys into my home and my friends homes and I think I lost it! Well, my friends thought it would be a great idea to get me ready for the girly girl I'm hoping to bring home from China! This past weekend, they hosted a huge shower for Lynleigh Ren and boy did she rack up!

I know I posted most of these on Facebook but I needed to put them here to document this part of the journey.

Beautiful decorations made by my friends Amber and Kim. They did such a great job and I know they had a blast seeing as one of them has a little boy and the other is pregnant with a boy! See, boys are everywhere!

Then there was this...the show stopper! Made by my friend Lisa Wiggins of Lisa's Sweet Treats. She out did herself this time! This is by far the prettiest cake she's ever made and she makes some pretty awesome cakes! Oh, did I mention it was strawberry? I wasn't joking about it "raining pink!"

Blah! I don't like that when you see me sitting in a chair I actually look pregnant when in fact, I am NOT! Though, I think having a baby was much easier than this adoption has been!
And last but not least, my friend Ashley opened her beautiful home to some 30 ladies and I appreciate her so much! She has been such an advocate and encourager through this process!

I couldn't have asked for a better shower! My friends out did themselves! Amber, Kim, and Amanda went above and beyond as well as several other ladies that pitched in their time and talents to provide yummy food that for some reason I was too busy tasting instead of taking pictures of it all!

As for gifts, well, I got it all! clothes, tutus!!!!! A sweet Asian baby doll, diapers, gift cards! The gift cards will go towards car seats for both cars. Yes, I got that much! I loved it and can't wait for all of these awesome ladies to get to share in the life of this precious little girl that God has waiting for me in China!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Stepping Closer!

I'm so excited today! While sitting at lunch with a friend, I checked my email and found out that our GUZ number is official and we are now being cabled!
Now, I know you have no idea what that means, so here goes my attempt at explaining it!
We've been waiting for Lynleigh's documents at the National Visa Center to be processed. They give you a GUZ number and then they send you a copy of the letter saying it's complete. Today, I got the email telling me that I will be getting the PDF email. Once we get this email, it is sent to China. Then we wait on Article 5. Article 5 is where they US in China hands over our documents and gives the OK for us to travel to get Lynleigh. Once that's handed over, we wait on China to extend an invitation to come get her! Does that make sense?

So, now I need you're help! Lynleigh turns 2 on September 19th. I want her before then! There are a million reasons that I would like her before that but two of the main ones are that we will have to buy her a ticket to travel home once she's two...and they give them a TB test at age 2 and if she fails it could mean 2-3 more weeks in China. I'm asking all of my prayer warrior friends to interceed for Lynleigh and our family! Please raise us up to the Lord and ask for his help with speedy processing. She needs to be home with her family! I know God will work it all out in the end and if we have to pay for another ticket HE will provide it! I'm not worried about that part. It's just the stress that comes with it all that's stressing me out!

On another note, I'm having a shower this weekend! Today, someone asked if I was excited and I said I felt like a scam artist! I know that I'm not but it still seems so unreal that I can't believe it's almost here. I tried to explain to another lady that when you are pregnant, you take your baby with you to the shower...even though it's in the belly. She reminded me that I will be taking Lynleigh with my heart! I love that lady! She always knows just what to say to lift your spirits and make you feel loved!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What's New Pussy Cat?

So, everyone has been asking if anything is new in our wait to get Lynleigh Ren. As always in adoption, not much! We are now coming in on the final stages of the adoption and of course it's a big waiting game!

I can tell you that God is working his tail off! I know this is a huge contrast from my cry baby posts that He's not listening. But as always...HE knows best! First of all, I called yesterday to the NBC (has to do with her visa) and it was in the building. The good news on that is our officer only needs to sign off on it and he was optimistic that it would be completed by today. We agreed that I could call and check on it that is my first task of the day!

After it leaves his hands, it heads on over to the NVC. They blah, blah, blah (I have no idea!) with it and then they will send us an email saying it's on its way to China! Once it's there, we wait on Article 5 (what ever that is) and THEN we wait on our traval arrangements and Consulate appointment date. I don't know if you noticed the common word here it WAIT.

So, on to the cool God things that are happening. First of all, when we started praying about finances for this, my friend Sarita said pray BIG! Now, that felt a little selfish but I did it because she said to and she has crazy miracles happen to her daily! God laid it on my heart that we would be debt free doing this. Is that hard to trust....heck yea! But if HE says it then it will happen, right? So, anyway, something is in the works on our travel that I can't really post right now but once we get there, God has something Big planned!
Normally, adoptive familys stay here...

This is the White Swan and it's located in Guangzhou. This is the last leg of the trip and it's where you get the medical check and sign the final paper work. They have the famous "red couch" that ALL Chinese adoptees seem to get their picture taken on and I recently learned it would be shut down for renovation on August 1st. BOO! I really wanted to stay there. But wouldn't you know it...God has something better planned!
Instead, we will be staying here....

This is the China's a Marriot...guess dad travels for his work and sometimes stays at a Marriot. What does that mean? Oh, I'll tell you! It means that God has been working this out all along so that we would get our hotel paid for! Oh yeah! My dad has enough point for Marriot that we will stay there for five nights for....are you listening...FREE! Yes, I said it! I said it! I said it because I can! Sorry, lame insert of song lyrics! Look at this place! It has a Starbucks in the lobby and and 24 hour McDonald's next door! What more could a girl ask for, right?
So, that's what's new pussy cat...sorry another lame quote (thanks Steve Martin from Father of the Bride)!

Oh...and my girlfriends are throwing me a shower in two weeks. It's like I'm really having a baby! It's so real! I'm sure I'll post all about that WITH pictures!