Thursday, July 21, 2011

Stepping Closer!

I'm so excited today! While sitting at lunch with a friend, I checked my email and found out that our GUZ number is official and we are now being cabled!
Now, I know you have no idea what that means, so here goes my attempt at explaining it!
We've been waiting for Lynleigh's documents at the National Visa Center to be processed. They give you a GUZ number and then they send you a copy of the letter saying it's complete. Today, I got the email telling me that I will be getting the PDF email. Once we get this email, it is sent to China. Then we wait on Article 5. Article 5 is where they US in China hands over our documents and gives the OK for us to travel to get Lynleigh. Once that's handed over, we wait on China to extend an invitation to come get her! Does that make sense?

So, now I need you're help! Lynleigh turns 2 on September 19th. I want her before then! There are a million reasons that I would like her before that but two of the main ones are that we will have to buy her a ticket to travel home once she's two...and they give them a TB test at age 2 and if she fails it could mean 2-3 more weeks in China. I'm asking all of my prayer warrior friends to interceed for Lynleigh and our family! Please raise us up to the Lord and ask for his help with speedy processing. She needs to be home with her family! I know God will work it all out in the end and if we have to pay for another ticket HE will provide it! I'm not worried about that part. It's just the stress that comes with it all that's stressing me out!

On another note, I'm having a shower this weekend! Today, someone asked if I was excited and I said I felt like a scam artist! I know that I'm not but it still seems so unreal that I can't believe it's almost here. I tried to explain to another lady that when you are pregnant, you take your baby with you to the shower...even though it's in the belly. She reminded me that I will be taking Lynleigh with my heart! I love that lady! She always knows just what to say to lift your spirits and make you feel loved!

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  1. Praying you can bring your daughter home before her birthday!