Thursday, May 21, 2009


It seems that more and more people have been asking me latily "When are you starting the process of adoption?" I guess technically we've started. I mean, we are both praying daily about it and then this week I received a packet from Holt International. I'm super excited about this because now we have something specific to be praying about. First we need to be praying whether or not this is the organization that God wants us to go through. Second, we have a list of minor special needs that would make our wait 2-3 years shorter than if we wanted a "perfect" child.

It's so funny that people would want a "parfect" child. Isn't there only one perfect child that has ever been born? I guess when you don't have that belief system then you think that a child with no visibal flaws is "perfect." Well, I can tell you from experience, a small flaw can be such a blessing! I mean, because of Kaden's cleft lip, I have been able to minister to so many people. So many people reached out to us when he was born too! I mean seriously, aren't we all born accoring to God's plan? If so, then aren't we all born "perfect" the way he wanted us to be born?

I'm so looking forward to this chapter of our lives beginning. I can't wait to see where God will lead us with adoption. I can't wait to witness to whom ever HE choses because of this! I know he wil provide and he will be glorified through it all!

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Only Girl

Since I only have one follower on this blog, I can vent when I need too!
This weekend I spent two days at the MIL's house in FSM! The phrase I never want to hear again..."It's're special because you're the only girl!" I was so frustrated the whole time because there were three other kids in the room that are just as special or more!
Then I started thinking on the way special will our baby sister be? Wow! I can't stop thinking about it even today! I'm so looking forward to the day that God picks out the special little one that will come and live with us forever! Won't she just be the most special little thing ever? She will be welcomed into a family with two wonderful little boys! They are so different and will bring such joy to her life! Brady already prays for his baby sister almost daily! He talks about her as if she already lives here. And I know in his heart he already loves her! Then there's the other one! Kaden says he wants a "bebe siser"! He is too darn cute when he says that! He will be the one who teaches her everything she needs to learn and everything she doesn't! He will be the one who beats up all the boys at school just for looking at her! And he will be the one who waits up at night for her to return from a date!
I know that she will be special because she will be the only girl....but she will be special because she is the little sister of the most awesome two little boys in the world!

In the meantime, I have requested an adoption packet from Holt International. It has been recommended by a lady at church who used the same service! I thought we could get the infomation and start praying over it now! I have also been looking at grant money and also praying about fundraising! I know that God wants us to become a forever family to a sweet baby girl! I also trust that HE will provide the funds to do that! Now, I'm just waiting for HIM to show me the way! If we could get a couple of grants, tax credit, fundraise, and what ever else he leads us too...then we could pay out of pocket and that would be awesome to not accure any debt!

Please help us pray for our baby girl...her biologocial mother...and how God wants us to fund this addition!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

A New Friend

Today at church, I made a new friend. I was dropping Brady off at kids church and the lady checking him in said, "Hey, I think I've met you before." After a few minutes we realized that I met her at the Fall Festival in Hernando. She has a baby from China that is just the cutest thing in the world.
Once we started talking she told me which agency she used and how to get a baby from China in a shorter amount of time. 10 minutes later, we exchanged numbers and are planning to spend some time together this summer. I'm so excited because I was to hear all the info on adoption and also spend some time with her cutie little girl! I told her I was already praying for our baby sister and I that pray for her birth mother too! She said she did the same thing and that she still prays for her little girl's birth mother!
I can't believe we will be starting the paper work in just 7 months!