Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bunny Tunnel

Today, Lynleigh Ren received her second set of ear tubes.  As I was getting ready this morning, I was remembering all the trips for PE tubes that we have done over the years.  Between the three kids, we have had six sets of tubes (Kaden had 3 of those).  And while some people stress over this, it's the nature of the beast when you have cleft babies.
She didn't really understand what we were doing up so early this morning or why I let her wear her pj's and no shoes.  She kept signing that she couldn't walk because she didn't have any shoes on.  Oh, poor little miss "my feet never hit the ground" Lynleigh!  When we got inside, Mickey Mouse was on the tv, so she decided right off that this was her kind of place!  She hopped right out of my arms and started exploring, which is so out of character for her!
We passed the time by playing some games and working on writing letters.  I gave the doctor a fair warning that this could be great or it could be the biggest freak out he'd ever seen.  He's a really laid back guy and he wasn't worried about anything!  BTW, this doctor has done all of the tubes for the kids except when Ren had her cleft surgery.  We love him!
There was plenty of play time while we waited our turn.  The surgery center is very kid friendly, as  you can see.  We waited for about 20 minutes before it was her turn.  I was cracking up while we were there because everyone asks the same questions and tells you the same thing.  I think the nurses were all weirded out that I wasn't stressed or worried.  I told them we were old pros but they all went through the whole sphill every time! 
The procedure itself takes about ten minutes.  Needless to say, I read about 4 pages in my book before we were done.
And now for the big Bunny Tunnel reveal!  Like I said, we have been through the bunny tunnel more times than most families and I can actually remember each and every prize the kids picked.  Brady didn't get a trip to the bunny tunnel because his tubes were done at a different surgery center.  Kaden, has been at Le Bonheur for them all.  For his cleft surgery (he was 4 months old) I picked him a stuffed lion.  For each of the tube surgeries he chose a noisy rain maker toy, a soccer ball, and a chef utensil set.  You can read Kaden's story here :
Lynleigh has made two trips Le Bonheur.  One was for her cleft repair, which by the way was one year ago tomorrow!  The other was today.  Her first trip, she picked a cute little stuffed bird.  Today....
The winner is a princess doll!  She tried to talk the nurse into two of them.  But none the less, she walked away happy with this one!  As I said above, I was worried that this would be a huge freak out disaster.  Not today!  The nurse asked if she wanted to go with her and Lynleigh said, "Yes!"  She grabbed her new doll,actually said no to Pooh bear (I sent it anyway) and told me, "Bye Bye!" 
I'm just as shocked as you are but grateful for all the prayers because they were felt for sure!  She did struggle once we got home.  We were just pulling into the neighborhood when she projectile vomited all over the back seat.  We got home, she took a bath, and she reluctantly went to sleep with out pooh bear (who was victim to the said vomit).  Three hours later, she was a new person!! 
I'm so thankful for another great experience.  She has made so many strides through out the past year and having the tubes will continue to help her with her speech development.