Tuesday, July 10, 2012

In China, We Are All Family

When we decided to adopt, I did not realize how big our world would become! During the past year, God has expanded my territory (a little Jabez reference)not only across the US but across the world. If you will remember, we spent the whole time in China with another family. Normally, the group will meet in Beijing and then split off to different provinces. Well, we were blessed to be with another family for the duration of our trip. I'm so glad, too, because it is very lonely when you are in a foreign country! This past week, I had the chance to meet up with that family again while we were in Texas. This sweet girl is Olivia.
She is three years old and the spunkiest little thing I've ever met! We were fortunate enough to be with Olivia's family on Gotcha Day and experience the whirlwind that goes along with it! There is something about her little face that will stick with me forever. It probably has a lot to do with her cute voice and hilarious personality. But mostly, it's because her family and mine are connected in a way I would have never dreamed! I can't explain it, but they will always be a part of our family.

Despite the way it looks here, it took Lynleigh a few hours to warm up to Olivia. I have no idea if she remembers her first friend or if seeing each other brought back any memories. But I do know that Lynleigh treated her like any other person and wasn't about to let her near the food!

We traveled with 11 families back in September and thanks to Facebook, I have been able to keep in touch with all but two. It's awesome to see how these little girls and boy have adjusted to American life. I love seeing Miss Alba (we saw her again at Disney) and Miss Rachel and their sassy photos. I have prayed for and seen God to amazing things for precious Leah. And cute little Ella is about to be a big sister! Her family is in the process to go back and get a boy! The whole experience is surreal and I am forever grateful that I was and am a part of it! Now on to the vacation. First, let me say, Lynleigh Ren does not like change! She had a hard time adjusting to being gone for 10 days. I did get some good pictures of her but for the most part, she cried the whole time!

Here she is at Sea World with her favorite/arch nemesis brother and the white dolphin.

She was actually brave enough at Sea World to ride a few rides. The first time she ever rode a carousel, I had to sit on the horse with her and she held on to me for dear life. This time, she was brave! At one point, she even took her and off the pole to wave to Brady! I was so proud of her. However, one thing she didn't like was the beach!

Normally, in the water, she is a fish. But I guess when there are real fish and sea weed grabbing her leg, she is just not a fan. Since we have been home, she is very attached to me and concerned about where her daddy is at all times. I think she is afraid I may take her away from him again so she asks me ten times a day "Ya-eee go?" I have three weeks until school starts so hopefully the attachment issues will be smoothed out before she goes back to the sitter.