Monday, July 25, 2011

It's Raining Pink!

I come from the land of boys! I'm not going to lie about it! I used to be the girliest girl around and then God sent all these stinky boys into my home and my friends homes and I think I lost it! Well, my friends thought it would be a great idea to get me ready for the girly girl I'm hoping to bring home from China! This past weekend, they hosted a huge shower for Lynleigh Ren and boy did she rack up!

I know I posted most of these on Facebook but I needed to put them here to document this part of the journey.

Beautiful decorations made by my friends Amber and Kim. They did such a great job and I know they had a blast seeing as one of them has a little boy and the other is pregnant with a boy! See, boys are everywhere!

Then there was this...the show stopper! Made by my friend Lisa Wiggins of Lisa's Sweet Treats. She out did herself this time! This is by far the prettiest cake she's ever made and she makes some pretty awesome cakes! Oh, did I mention it was strawberry? I wasn't joking about it "raining pink!"

Blah! I don't like that when you see me sitting in a chair I actually look pregnant when in fact, I am NOT! Though, I think having a baby was much easier than this adoption has been!
And last but not least, my friend Ashley opened her beautiful home to some 30 ladies and I appreciate her so much! She has been such an advocate and encourager through this process!

I couldn't have asked for a better shower! My friends out did themselves! Amber, Kim, and Amanda went above and beyond as well as several other ladies that pitched in their time and talents to provide yummy food that for some reason I was too busy tasting instead of taking pictures of it all!

As for gifts, well, I got it all! clothes, tutus!!!!! A sweet Asian baby doll, diapers, gift cards! The gift cards will go towards car seats for both cars. Yes, I got that much! I loved it and can't wait for all of these awesome ladies to get to share in the life of this precious little girl that God has waiting for me in China!

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  1. What a blessing! So fun! Congrats from one Shaanxi mommy to another!