Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Taste of What's to Come?

So, I hear the "waiting" part is the hardest thing about adoption! But seriously? I thought people ment waiting for their baby was the hardest part. For three weeks, I've been waiting on my marriage license to come in the mail. I know you're thinking, "Tobie, don't you have a copy of that already?" And to that, I answer, "Yes! BUT they want a new copy of the license!" I know seriously! I guess my ten year old copy isn't good enough. I mean, I would want to see an old copy if I were someone! That way you know it's been a while, you know? So, as soon as that gets in...oh...and we're waiting for the child abuse clearence from Arkansas to arrive. THEN we can send off our home study! So, until then, I ask that you remember us in prayer as we continue to seek the Lord's favor in this process!

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