Saturday, November 26, 2011

First Thang's Giving

If anyone ever loved a holiday it was probably not as much as Miss Thang

loved this one! You know this girl LOVES to eat...well, Thanksgiving was right up her ally!

But before the eating could begin, she had to dress up in her newest Miss Thang outfit!

Each year, my mom and step dad come to town all the way from Texas.

Once they arrive, we hang out at my aunt's house! Usually, we "plan" to eat around 2pm but that never happens! This year, we had plenty of time to make lego trucks,

take a quick nap,

and have a special visit from a native American (not my step dad who really is native American).

After Lynleigh got a quick hour and a half nap, her favorite part of the day arrived!

It was like food over load...and what ended up over loaded was her diaper at the end of the day! Don't worry, I didn't take a picture.

But we did learn that Lynleigh is a food conartist! She would beg anyone and everyone for food which meant she ate way too much! She had 4...yes 4 dirty diapers by the end of the day!

At the end of round one, the kids decided to rest and watch a movie. The boys ended up watching all of Cars 2 but Lynleigh found it more entertaining to climb on and off the bed until I got tired of that game and she ended up playing outside with my aunt.

Our weekend also included Black Friday shopping on Thursday night and a visit with Santa on Saturday!

Saturday night, we decided to try to take a cute family photo.

This one of the kids was amazing! I love that they all smiled at exactly the same time! That never happens!

Add Tony and me to the mix and well, you can hear the circus music already!

We did finally get a cute picture, however, we couldn't make a circle with our heads to save our lives! I ended up crying I was laughing so hard and a big headache where Lynleigh kept banging her big head on mine!

Oh the memories! I can't wait until Christmas! We will be decorating tomorrow so that should be fun with a two year old! She has no idea how much she has made this holiday the best one EVER!!!!!!!

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