Saturday, November 19, 2011

Two Months

Wow! Can you believe we have been a family of five for two full months? Yesterday marked the two month anniversary of our Gotcha day! It seems like yesterday we were in China waiting for our sweet girl to walk in the room! And then again it also seems like she's been here forever!
Who knew how fast time would fly?

Sorry I don't have anymore pictures that this one. I had misplaced (well put it in my backpack and forgot) our camera. But I couldn't wait for you to see this one of all of us! She just fits right in! We have to send pictures to China and I was so happy that she didn't look miserable in a picture with us!

Miss Thang is getting braver each day! Today, we went to Lowe's and she actually walked through the store for a few aisles! Those of you who know us well, know that she ALWAYS wants to be carried! She also walked some at a craft fair today! She's so brave!

She loves playing with her brothers! We try to go outside anytime we can. Tonight, she wanted to wrestle with the boys so she would run up...hit one of them (usually Kaden)...laugh...and run off! She's such a thug!

I'm interested to see how she responds to Thanksgiving! You know that girl loves to eat! Now that I found our camera, I'm sure I will have plenty to blog about after Thursday!

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