Monday, January 30, 2012

There's A First Time For Everything!

This weekend, Lynleigh got her first experience with roller skating! We were invited to my cousin's son's birthday party so I thought this would be a great time to introduce Lyn to something the boys love to do!

We borrowed some little skates from a friend and I just thought for sure she would freak out! But as you can see...she loved it!

The boys of course love skating so Brady had to take some time out to help his little sister!

Kaden was determined to be a big boy and not use the skate helper! He only had a few crashes and shared Lynleigh's but for the most part, he skated all by him self!

And speaking of being big...Miss Thang thought she was big enough to skate on the rink with all the big kids!

I took a million pictures...well maybe not that many but she's such a ham now! This is her "cheese" face she is now making when I tell her to say "cheese!"

I couldn't resist taking a picture of the Toms with the skates on them! Because Toms are awesome and she's so cute in them!

And as our day was coming to a close, Lynleigh decided to just sit on the side line and watch her big brothers show her how it was done!

After a fun time skating we all came home to veg out! Sunday morning, I decided to let Lynleigh wear her silk dress for Chinese New Year. We are a week behind but she's two so she didn't know! She wasn't too thrilled about wearing the dress, but once the boys and I told her how pretty she was she was all about it!

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  1. LOVE her Chinese dress! And what fun that she got to try roller skating. We haven't gone there yet, but one of these days we will. :)