Friday, January 20, 2012

What A Difference Time Makes!

Wow! Four months ago we got the most precious gift and boy will our lives never be the same! I seriously can't believe that Lynleigh has only been with us for four months! How can that be possible? It seems like she's been here forever!

Tonight, I was looking through pictures because I'm actually scrapbooking tomorrow and I was just stunned at how much Lynleigh has changed in just four short months! Have I said that enough yet?

Look at how thin she is! I can't believe she seemed so big while we were in China! Next to most of the other kids she was a giant!

Now I look at this skinny face and think about how little she looks!

Showing Tony this picture, he said, "That skinny kid doesn't live here anymore!" And not just her size...that little girl who wanted to be held like a baby and drink from a bottle doesn't live here either! To think of it...there are so many things that have changed during the past few months! Let's see...she is sleeping most of the night and will put herself back to sleep without help. She doesn't think she needs to be eating ALL the time now...just most of the time! She's braver than she's ever been with us and will walk into church or the grocery store without crying! she hugs everyone and pats your back when he hugs you!
She's starting to try to talk and loves bossing the boys around! She's a tattle tale (but what little girl isn't) and she's all about being pretty!

She loves...I mean LOVES playing outside with her brothers and is serious about riding her trike!

She's super sweet and in a breath very vindictive! She's all girl and full of drama! She's got all of the men in the house wrapped around her little finger while I see right through her routine! She loves to take a bath and will hit anyone that makes her mad! She's bossy and prissy and sometimes stinky!
We couldn't have ask for a more precious little girl to bless our lives and rock our world!

I could kiss those cheeks a million times and never get tired of that sweet face! Happy 4 months home Lynleigh Ren, we love you more that you'll ever know!!!!


  1. She's sleeping through the night most of the time!!! Shouldn't that be at the top! Hahaha. That's wonderful news! What a beautiful daughter you have!

  2. I feel the same has only been 4 months. Her hair is really growing and she looks so happy. I am loving the pink!

  3. I've never experienced so many changes in such a short time, so I can totally relate. Your little sweetheart is so beautiful! She really does look very happy!