Tuesday, October 18, 2011

She Sleeps...I Blog!

So, we are finally working out the sleep thing around here! It basically goes a little like this...play hard during the day...you get this

at night! This is actually from over the weekend when it was super warm! I didn't want to take a picture of her napping today out of fear of waking her up! And by fear...I mean FEAR! She's scary when she's tired!

We are finally finding our places in this new arraignment. Mine looks like this picture! I think I'm actually losing weight from all of the fast walking I have to do to keep her off of my leg! It's a great system!

We got a new camera...since someone broke ours in China. I'm not going to name any names but just say it was someone who was pretending like it was a purse!

It's a pretty cool point and shoot camera and I like that it has effects you can use! I'm all about some photo editing!

Lynleigh has lots of favorite past times...crying...sleeping...eating...sign language (by the way she has like 15 words!)...and this

She thinks she's hot stuff! She will beg Tony to take her on the bike! Which is fine because it gives Kaden a change to ride his bike out of the cove and LAWD knows he needs to release some energy! She just sits in the seat, buckled in and chills! I've heard that kids come home from China and just freak out about the car seat and being buckled down! Not this one! She loves her car seat as well as her bike trailer! We will probably take the kids to Shelby Farms this weekend for some biking fun!

And then there's this...her most favorite past time of all! This girl puts Brady and Adam to shame when it comes to eating. (Adam is our 26 year old friend that will eat you out of the house! He's like a pet!) We have to actually cut her off when she eats or she will eat until she throws up!

She and I had such a fun day yesterday just hanging out at the house! I am finally able to get some smiles out of her before I snap the picture! She usually just looks at you and then laughs when she sees the flash! Probably explains why we never saw her smile in the pictures we were given!

She's got such a little personality and she cracks me up! The boys and totally in love with her and of course Tony is head over hills!

Please keep Lynleigh in your prayers. She has her palate repair surgery next Wednesday, the 26th!

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  1. What a terrific update! I'll keep your sweet girl in my prayers. I can't believe her surgery is so soon!