Sunday, October 2, 2011

Homw Sweet Home!!!

After a long and grueling 15 hour flight from Hong Kong to Detroit, a one hour trip through customs with a crying toddler and another 2 hour flight to Memphis...we finally made it home!

I knew that there would be several people waiting to see us since we were getting home just after 4pm. But, I had no idea we would be coming home to this...

I was so exicted to see that the boys had made signs! I told them about when my brother came home from the hospital as a baby, my dad and I made signs for him. Well, Brady was determined to do the same thing and boy were these two cute!

We got in a little early, so we had to lolly gag for a few minutes before heading through the exit. As Tony video taped the crowd, the crowd video taped us!

Then came the hugs!

Sweet Brady just sobbed when I hugged him! I was so glad to get my hands on these two boys I just couldn't let go!

Lynleigh wasn't too sure about the whole thing but she did apparently recognize my mom from skype because she reached out to her immediately!

If you look closly, you'll see in her eyes that she isn't really sure about the whole thing!

A couple of more pictures and then we headed home! She did great in her carseat not really crying at all! We took her straight to her "girley" room (love the new bedding) and the boys wanted to show her all of her new toys!

After an ok night of sleep, we started our first full day at home!

A lot of friends came by to visit us and we did take some time to get outside and play a little! She really enjoyed the swing!!

And despite what it looks like in this picture...she really likes Kaden a lot!

She did so well on her first day playing with her brothers and letting all of her visitors hold her for at least a second. She's such a sweet little girl but we learned last night, that she does not want to share her toys! A friend brought her little girl over and Lynleigh liked looking at her but boy did she get mad when Amelia played with her toys!

We are adjusting to the time change pretty well. She's sleeping during the night but we are all taking long naps in the day. I'm sure the tiredness will wear off pretty soon! Thank you for all of the prayers and thinking of us! It's been so much fun talking to people who have been following our story! I hope one day that Lynleigh will know how loved she is and despite being orphaned as a baby, she is probably the most wanted and loved little girl in all of DeSoto County!!!!


  1. Welcome home! And how is she already sleeping through the night? That's amazing! Lucky you! :)

  2. Tobie, I am so proud of the woman you have become. Congrats on such a wonderful family. Always happy tears when I get to read your blog.
    Love in Christ and love in our bond.
    Karen Powers (shaw) Duvall