Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Last Day!!!!

I'm calling this the last day because we will get on a plane at 9:20 tomorrow morning and we will finally be headed home!!!!! I can't believe our China adventure is over!! I've been looking forward to bringing Lynleigh home since the day we got her (well actually longer than that!)!! I can't believe that we have gone from this...

Notice how she's leaning towards her care giver....To this....

It's amazing and humbling how God planned all of this long before we wer even born! I couldn't have asked for a better experience and I give HIM all of the credit! He's taught us so much through this journey and He's made me a better person because of it! The best part is that he trusted us to take care of a sweet orphan who will now be with her family forever!

Our family is now complete and I know that Brady and Kaden are going to love this little girl with all of their hearts! They will watch over her and protect her and beat up anyone who tries to break her heart! Well, Kaden will beat them up! Brady will probably challenge themto a game of wits that will end with some sort of Jedi mind trick!

I'm pretty sure I've given this little girl a lifetime of hugs and kisses in the two weeks we've been here! She is so sweet and snuggly and loves her Mommy and Daddy so much! When you see her you will never have believed that she didn't know us more than a week and a alf ago! It's like she was born into this family! I do know that she was born for this family because that's just the kind of thing God likes to do!

For now, I will finish packing our bags and I will take a train to Hong Kong and say "So long China!!!" Until we see you back home...please pray for us! Total travel time with layovers is about 23 hours!


  1. AWESOME! i LOVE the choice you guy [the Pillstrom's] made long ago about obeying His call. And further; I love that Lyneigh has the BEST ADOPTIVE parents and pray that y'alls example and teaching provides Lynleigh with the strong foundation of faith y'all instilled from the words of "Yes Father". I know she will have the beginning of a Relationship, I also pray that the devil [who has already been whooped]] would stay that way and out of Lynleighs thoughts or actions. That she would understand who God is. Love you guys...can't wait to meet her...y'all may have to explain to her, when she's old enough to understand what happened to me. That this is an example of why NOT to trust your friends with all your Him...hold, I'll c if y'all are tagged with my Testimony and do so if not. MUCHlove y'all

  2. Have safe travels home to Lynleigh's big brothers!