Thursday, September 22, 2011

The View From McDonald's

Today has been amazing and awful all at the same time! Each night Lynleigh sleeps less and less. Last night, she woke up the first time around 11:30 and I had just fallen asleep. Needless to say, I had no idea where I was or what was going on. Tony had to fix her more milk and we finally got her back to sleep. She woke up two more times during the night.
There was nothing on the agenda today, so, we decided to lay low and just hang out at the hotel for most of the day. Lynleigh was pretty grouchy this morning, so we saw a lot of this.

She also cried if I wasn't holding her which made for a very frustrating morning. The information we got on her said that she took one nap each day. Maybe it's the craziness of everything, but she seems to do much better with two naps. She slept about an hour this morning and is currently working on nap number two!
We finally decided to venture out this afternoon for lunch. When I say venture, it is an adventure! Our plan was to eat at this American establishment.

However, we missed it as we rushed down the side walk. (You must "rush" because if you don't you will get run over by a car, bus or scooter. They drive cars and scooters on the side walk around here! It's crazy!)

Instead, we ended up at the golden arches again. I didn't mind. Lynleigh likes it and it's not Chinese food so we were all happy. Miss Thang ended up eating 1/3 of my double cheese burger plus fries. She was so funny at lunch...she dumped out all the fires and then while cleaning them up (you know she must clean) she would take a bite off of each one before putting it back in the box. She also used up about 10 napkins wiping off her tray and trying to clean the ketchup off my burger wrapper!

The dining area of this McDonald's is up stairs so Tony and I had a good time people watching! Tony has a new obsession....

He has been trying to get a picture of the Chinese "Truck" for days now. I suggested that he actually wear the camera on the street so that he could get a good shot of one. How many pictures did he take? About 10! He cracks me up! I hope that he will actually blog something tonight.

I have really enjoyed our day of nothing! After our rough morning, Lynleigh seems to be doing really well. She likes going out side and I can't wait for her to be able to play outside with her brothers when we get home! We leave tomorrow evening for Guangzhou. I will be glad for the change of scenery. Xi'an (pronounced "she-on") is cool but it's too busy for my taste and it will be nice to be around more people who speak English.
BTW...we have big plans tonight! One of our favorite shows "Wipeout" will be on tv at 8pm! Wahoo! This will be much better than our only English speaking option of CNN!

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