Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I'll Go! Send Me!!

What a message tonight at church! As if we haven't had our socks blessed off by God during this journey...He continues to blow me away!

One of the pastors asked if we would mind being interviewed during church tonight about adoption. Of course we wouldn't mind! We love sharing what God has done to bring Lynleigh home. But tonight's plan turned out a little different! Pastor Al was talking about missionaires tonight and reminded us of the men that served in Equador back in the 1950's. If your don't know their's told in a wonderful movie called The End Of The Spear. Of course when I watched the movie years ago I cried my eyes out! Well tonight, he shared clips from the movie that made me cy again! The he showed the most beautiful little orphan in the world who will be getting her forever family in less than 11 days! He didn't tell who she was but asked, "Who will stand up for this little girl?" That as our cue to come to the front where he shared part of our story!

Then Al asked everyone to come pray for us and our call to bring this little girl home and the whole room stood up to pray for us! It blew me away! I can't even begin to explain how cool tonight was! You should really go download the message from or from itunes. I can't even do it justice!!

All I can say is that in 7 days we will be on a plane to Detroit awaiting the time until we fly 13 hours to the most life changing experience! I am so thankful that God chose us for this journey! I can't wait to see what is in store for our family!!

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