Monday, September 26, 2011

Blessings in China

One of my most favorite things about this trip...besides the obvious....

Has been spending time with some amazing people! We have been overly blessed by the families we have been traveling with for the past week and a half! I know Tony has mentioned them already, but after walking home from dinner, I realized...these are some really neat people!
Basically, this is the way it works. Most of the families meet at the beginning of the trip in Beijing and spend one or two days touring and dining together. Then, we part ways and head out to provinces. I know I have told you about the Blake family that we spent time with in Xi'an. After that, we all head to Guangzhou to meet up and wait for out consulate appointment. When that is done, we part ways.
Today, we all loaded up in a bus and took the babies to the "clinic" again....remember this?

Well, today was a lot easier. We just had to have the TB test looked at and we were free to go. Thankfully, all of the children were ok! Only one child needed a chest x-ray but she is ok and was released! I'm so grateful! God had me up a lot last night and that was one of the things I was praying about! PTL all of the children were ok!!!
After the clinic, some of us stayed on the island and went shopping. Of course we visited Jordan's shop again!

I'm telling you, he's such a great marketer! The first day we were there, he sought us all out and told us to come by his shop and he would write our baby's name in Chinese. This is a wonderful idea because we all bought something that day. Plus, many of us stopped in again today to pick up our names and bought more! "Uncle Jordan" as he called himself, made sure to take a picture with our whole group!

This picture includes us, obviously, the Blake's (they are the ones with the two boys), and a family from New Mexico, the Wolf's. I had such a great time hanging with these families and our kids had a blast playing together!

After shopping (look what Miss Thang scored today)...

we came back to the hotel for lunch and nap! I took a good one because I was up several times with Miss Thang last night!!! Then, off to the group dinner of Cantonese food. Not as many families went to dinner tonight, but God places just the right people with you at all times! We had a great time tonight with our family style dinner.

We saw these guys again...they are everywhere!

The just look so ashamed!!!!

And of course.....this!

Eel! Yuck! I was so afraid they were going to serve us eel! Thankfully, they didn't, or at least they didn't tell us! BTW...I used chop sticks with my whole dinner! I've been practicing in our room! I'm no pro mind you, but I didn't starve!

Today was an amazing day! It is so nice to be on a trip with people who are openly believers and who aren't ashamed to talk about it! Please pray for these amazing families as they get ready to travel home on a super long flight with little ones who are not sure what's going on! And please pray for Rachel....she is 4 and is still a little unsure of the whole thing. I talked to her mom this morning and she had a great night but she still has such a sad face each time I see her!


  1. Thanks for letting us follow along on your journey! What a great blog. Too bad you haven't gotten to try the eel. ;)

  2. love following your story. can't wait till Friday.

  3. David and I LOVE reading your blog everyday! It's the first thing we do each morning. You look like such a pro eating Chinese. :) I just can't wait to meet Lynleigh!