Sunday, September 25, 2011

Writer's Block

I have writer's block today! I've been thinking all day about all the interesting and profound things I could write about and nothing is coming to mind! I think the problem is that just a couple of weeks ago, my friend Rita was in Guangzhou getting her son Michael. You can read her blog here. She is with the same agency so all of the things I've been doing here are just about the same as hers. Now, I know you might not know her, and you probably didn't just spend two weeks stalking her blog. This is all new to you...but it seems like I'm rehashing old news when in fact I am not!
So, I will tell you about the trip to the mountain in just a minute...but first, let's admire this beautiful face!

How can you not just be in love with those cheeks and that pouty mouth!

Can you believe that she has been with us only one week? It seems like she has been a part of our family forever yet it's only been seven days! She shows us a little more of her personality each day. The fits are becoming less and less, and she is a cuddler like I've never seen before. I'm not sure the kind of attention she got in the orphanage but she is all about hugging and kissing! And she loves her daddy!

Today, I introduced her to pudding and she LOVED it!
Now, on to our adventures!!! As a group, we went to this place called Baiyun Mountian. Baiyun means "white cloud" and today, there were plenty of white clouds to be seen! It's basically a four mile/3 hour hike up the mountain but we were lucky enough to catch a ride on a cart. You can also ride on a gondola...but I'm pretty sure these things were installed before I was born thus not something I do not want to do!

The day started out super nice but as time passed, it started to rain.

Before that, we watched the bird show! Now, let me tell you that our friends the Pinnow's had already informed us about this show. The birds are pretty talented....

sliding down slides....

raising flags...etc. But the real entertainment is this guy....

I guess he's the trainer but by the look on his face he hates us all and can't wait to go home for the day!

At the end of the show, you can hold up money and a bird will fly up and take it! At one point the bird caught Tony off guard and scared the bejesus out of him! I would pay money to have had that on camera!

After the show, Daddy and Lynleigh got their picture made.

And then we hiked and walked up what felt like a million stairs! I can totally tell it's been a couple of weeks since I went to the gym!
At the end of the trip, we tried to get some pictures of the city but the rain wouldn't let us. So, we loaded up our sleeping baby....along with the rest of the sleeping babies...and came back to the hotel.

It's still raining outside so we are just hanging out with Miss Thang in the hotel room! I think she likes these days because we give her even more attention than normal...if that's even possible!

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  1. Your blog posts are terrific! I LOVE following along!