Saturday, September 24, 2011

Another Day....Another...What Day Is It?

It's me again! I hope you liked Tony's perspective! I was so glad that he blogged!!! It was fun reading this trip through his eyes! Well, it's a new day and a new city for us! I think today is Saturday but it's all starting to run together now so I'm not sure!
Yesterday, we left Xi'an for the sunny, warm Guangzhou. Before we left, we spent a day and a half hold up in our hotel room just hanging out with Miss Thang! She really blossomed just being with us and I think it was great for us to slow down a bit!

We did venture out for necessities....

You should have seen me trying to find her size with a lady who only spoke Chinese! We ended up getting one of our diapers out and just measuring! We let Lynleigh pick out a toy and of course she picked out a giraffe.

Boy is she going to be disappointed in all the pandas waiting for her at home!!
Today, we met up with the other families from our agency. Most everyone traveled alone to their baby's province and then meet up again here. We were lucky to get to travel with another family. On today's agenda, medical check up!

All I can say is that one of the dad's said this is what he imagines Obama Care is like! It was more like the free clinic to me and it was just as stressful! Have you ever taken your kids to the health dept for shots? Well, this was the same thing with out the shots!
They had to be weighed, measured, checked by an ent (by the way I thought she might be getting an ear infection but she is all clear!), and then checked by a general doctor. The worst part was the TB test but she only cried for a few minutes!

Then we got about an hour and a half to shop! We plan on going back to the island so we didn't load up like some of the parents but we did find Jordan's store. The Pinnow's said just look for Jordan...he will find you! No joke! This guy was waiting outside the clinic with a map! He's a great marketer!!

Miss Thang scored some squeakers!

$5 each!!!! I know you are jealous! I'm sure I will buy a few more before we leave! We also got an adoption Barbie and bought her a stamp with her name in Chinese! We just walked around taking pictures of this beautiful place for the rest of our time.

The White Swan is still open, sort of, we we took a few pictures! It's really nice and I'm kinda sad that we aren't staying on Shamian Island where the hotel is located but I'm more than happy to sleep in an amazing FREE room at a 5 star hotel instead!!

Lynleigh is taking a big nap and so I had to take a picture of her legs because they are so cute! Plus, I knew you'd just love that Sherry Pruitt! Tony is headed to the "one parent" meeting...which usually means the dads have to go!

I will leave you with this story! Yesterday in the airport, we realized that we packed the baby soap and lotion in the carry on when they told us we would have to throw it away! I was super bummed because who doesn't like a baby to smell like a baby, right? Well, when we got to the hotel, God knew that I needed a pick me up and so we walked into the hotel to find this....

I know!! My heart smiled a lot!

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