Thursday, September 15, 2011

Round One!

I'm currently sitting in the Detroit airport people watching and blogging on my phone! I just spent the past few minutes trying to figure out wireless at the airport only to realize you have to pay for it! Boo! Oh well. I've got plenty to say and you'll
Just have to wait until China to see pics!

We left home last night and the boys didn't seem to be bothered that we were leaving! They were so excited to be spending the night with Josh and Amanda that Kaden actually said, "Can we please just hurry up and go?" So much for a sad send off!
Once Tony and I got checked in we stopped for one last Memphis
Meal at Interstate BBQ and got the pleasure of a quick visit with our friend Jeremy Gregg who was also at the airport!
We had a pretty non eventful flight despite the rain we were flying through. I didn't take pictures but we were flying over clouds and you could see the lightening. It was the most amazing thing I've ever seen! I wish Brady could have seen it! He loves stuff like that!

So, our flight doesn't leave until 9pm and we are stuck at the airport all day. We just finished lunch where we met our host was a guy named Toby. I took a pic and you'll just have to believe me! I'll post it tomorrow. This is a really cool airport and I know if the boys were with us, we would be taking several rides on the express tram that goes overhead! It's pretty cool and I have pics of that also for you to see tomorrow!

If anything super exciting happens before we leave I will post again...if not...see ya in China!

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