Monday, September 19, 2011

Birthday...Bows...and Bubbles!

Happy Birthday Lynleigh Ren! I know she didn't understand that today was her birthday but we still dressed her up to celebrate!

The hair bow lasted long enough for the picture but I got it and that's all that matters! Once she moves to Mississippi, where all good southern girls know "the bigger the bow, the better" I just know she will want to wear them!
The day started out great! Lynleigh fell asleep instantly last night and didn't wake up until 5am! She was a little scared when she woke up but once we moved her from the crib to our bed she calmed down! I think she was surprised to find us there today but she warmed up to us again really fast!

We got ready early so that we could skype with mom and Tony's mom. So, we hit the buffet to feed the baby hippo!
Trust me when I say "baby hippo" in the nicest way I can! This girl can put away some food! Today, she tried yogurt for the first time (I think) and she loved it! She also enjoyed hash browns, a donut with no icing (weird I know), eggs, and noodles! She also tried watermelon but didn't like it! I will have to work on that!

Lynleigh cracks me up watching her do things. I think I mentioned yesterday that she likes things clean. Well, at breakfast, she would take noodles from Tony's plate and organize them into two piles! She would only eat from the one on her left. Strange! She hates to have dirty hands and wants you to clean them immediately! Tonight at dinner, she spent the whole time using a napkin to clean the table! I'll tell you more about dinner in a minute!

So, today we had to travel to our interviews where they ask us questions like "do you promise not to abandon her," or "why do you want to adopt?" We took all of our "loot" as the other adoptive parents called it for our donation to the orpahanage. I didn't even think of taking a picture of the 6 bags of blankets from the church and a friend's mom! The director from the orphanage didn't come to the meeting today so they were sent by a delivery guy! Oh well, I know that God meant for those blankets to go there because HE made sure to make a way to get them here!
After paper work, we went shopping to get the birthday girl some new shoes! She came to us in a brand new pair of shoes but they are more of the kind to wear with jeans and not dresses!

After shoe shopping, more driving to appointments. The people here are crazy on the roads! It doesn't matter if you are in a car, bus, scooter, or your's nuts! I need to take pics to help do justice to the maddness!
After our business part of the day was over, we went to dinner with the other family that is here with us! They brought their two boys who are the same ages as Brady and Kaden and having them here is really making me miss them! Thank goodness for skype!
Tonight's birthday dinner was at a hometown favorite!

That's right!!! The Golden Arches! The birthday girl dined on fries and chicken nuggets. She spent the majority of time cleaning the table and attempting to have melt down after melt down over it! I think she's a little OCD!

After dinner, she started the melt down thing again in the stroller so we went back to the carrying her...Lynleigh with an arched back screaming! I'll try to video one tomorrow for you to be entertained by! I usually just start to walk off and say "Come on!" and she will get up and follow me. But on these busy streets, it's best to just come back to the hotel! Tonight's bath included bubbles which freaked her out big time! She got some on her hand and about jumped out of the tub! We will probably just wait for those again until later!

All in all, I think she had a pretty good birthday! Oh...I almost forgot...We got her ice cream at Mc Donald's because her paper work said her favorite foods were ice cream and cake. Well, I guess she must like Chick-fil-a ice cream like her mom because she made an ugly face and spit the ice cream right out! Oh well, we can try that one again later!
Tomorrow, we will get to tour the city of Xi'an and walk part of the wall around the city! I'm super excited to get out and see some of the area other than the busy street and the hotel!


  1. Yay on another pretty good day! She and Nick will get along well with the "always having clean hands"!! Your posts always crack me up! Keep them coming so we can see and hear about more on this baby girl!

  2. Happy birthday, lovely Lynleigh! It sounds like she is doing really well with the transition. Love all the photos!