Friday, September 16, 2011

New Pictures of Lynleigh

We are in China and roughly 24+ hours away from holding Lynleigh in our arms! We got a sneak peak of the little cutie today during orientation! I had to take pictures of her pictures but as you can see below...she has grown up!

They popped her picture up on the screen and we didn't even recognize her because she is actually smiling in the pictures! She weighs about 25lbs which makes me happy since we will be carrying her! The paperwork said she loves ice cream and cake! And if she cries, then we should give her a snack! Sounds like a couple of little boys I know!

Well, we are off to eat lunch and tour Beijing! I will blog again when we have more pics! The Quote of the Day is "Be Chinese!" so, I guess I'll go and be Chinese!


  1. AHHHHH, I'm so excited!! Plus it makes me happy she like likes ice cream and cake. So you know what I'll have waiting when y'all get home!

  2. SO CUTE! Hooray for new pictures! Can't wait to see her in your arms!