Saturday, September 24, 2011

For Uncle PJ

I know I've already blogged today, but I just had to send a shout out to my little brother the Chef! I say little, he's 29 years old! But I got a message from my mom today and he told her that he couldn't believe that we came all the way to China and ate McDonald's!

Now, you have to understand where he is coming from! This is a guy who grew up making macaroni in the microwave as a child to being an award winning Chef in San Antonio! I get him! But you also need to understand that I am not adventurous! I don't try new things...though, I have several times on this trip! But for the sake of this sweet face....

I have ventured out of my comfort zone many times!!! Let's take tonight for example. I have to say that tonight's meal was by far the best we have eaten since we got to China. Well, I did like the chicken and rice I had on the plane last night...but that doesn't count.

Tonight, we had a group dinner. Almost every family in our group went. The way they eat meals here is "family style." Have you ever been to PF Changs? Not comparing, PJ, just using as an example. What they do is, you sit at a big round table with a huge "lazy susan" in the middle and they bring out many dishes for you to eat. You get one small plate and nothing to serve the food with except your fork...I mean chop sticks! (I tried...I really did...I just can't use them!) Anyway, you all share and usually you get to eat things that you aren't sure what they are!

Tonight's restaurant gave you a sneak peak when we walked in!

I'm sorry, did you say you couldn't want a closer look?

Um...that's what I said! Yes, that's a duck!

If you look closer at these guys, I'm sure you will see that some of them are actually hiding their heads under their wings. They are probably embarrassed because we can see them naked! Don't worry...our food wasn't hanging in the least not while we were there. We got cool dishes like this one...

That was chicken with egg plant.

This was sweet and sour pork...and if you look to the left, you will see an empty plate. It used to have bbq pork on it but that went pretty fast! I liked it and I'm a bbq snob (Thanks Dad!)

Food here is all about the experience and when we eat in big groups, we get the family feel they are going for! I love hanging out with the other families. I have learned that we have been very blessed during our trip! Some families had very traumatic experiences with their kids this week! I know that the power of prayer isn't something to be taken lightly! This little girl right here...

has blown us away this week and we couldn't ask for a better experience! So, I bid you good night, America...and PJ...I got you a Happy Meal toy for your souvenir!

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