Sunday, September 25, 2011


Tobie blogged earlier, but I have a few things to talk about. Overwhelmed...not by the paperwork, worrying about medical checks, or anything like that. our incredible God! Today I was laying on the bed just watching Lynleigh play and I noticed my eyes start "to water". I started thinking about everyone who God has brought into our lives and all of the people that have been praying for so long and so hard for this precious little girl that I get to call "daughter"! We are truly blessed to have all of you in our lives and I want you to know that you all mean the world to us! God's timing. I know that Tobie and I have had our "moments" wanting things to be sped up, but the other families we have met have become an extension of our family in no time at all. Last night at dinner we sat at a table with "new friends" from Chicago, Nashville, and even as far as Germany and you would have thought we were all life-long friends! It was another traditional Chinese dinner with the big lazy susan in the middle of the table where everyone used their own chopsticks to get the food from the big bowls to our plates. Towards the end of dinner, we noticed that all of the bowls were empty on our table and we looked around to see that the other three tables with our group still had half of their food left! I guess we can see who got their money's worth and who is tired of eating Chinese! We thought it was hilarious! Then we came back to the hotel and went out to the playground to find our friend's, the Blake's, who we had the privilege to spend last week in Xi'an with. Lynleigh and their daughter, Olivia played and played and played!

Overwhelmed...that through the magic of Skype(haha) we have been able to talk to the boys twice a day. Being able to see them (on video at least) makes it a little easier being away...but I'm ready to hug their little necks! Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who has been keeping them and getting them where they're supposed to be!

So, i've said my peace for now...Tobie will blog again tomorrow...with more pics. But here's one for you...

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