Sunday, September 18, 2011

Gotcha Day = Amazing Day!!!

We got her! What an amazing day! I couldn't have asked for anything better! We woke up early this morning to catch a plane to Xi'an. We left sunny Beijing and traveled to cold, rainy Xi'an. And by cold...I mean COLD! We arrived at our hotel long enough to change into warm, dry clothes and then headed to our appointment to meet Lynleigh!

It was a dream come true! The care giver set her down and walked her over to us. She walked right up to me with her arms open and let me pick her up! Lucky for us all, there was another family getting their girl at the same time and there was a lot of commotion so Lynleigh was too distracted to care. When her caregiver left, she wimpered a little but stopped when I stood up and held her! She even let Tony hold her for a few minutes. Though, once we got on the bus, she kept giving him the evil eye!

The only time she cried was when we had to have a picture taken of her. When we got back to the hotel, she peed all over me and her, so she got her first bath! She loved it! She let me lay her back and wash her hair! I let her have her water bottle in the tub so she didn't care! Once she was clean, I gave her some goldfish which she loved and we've been bff's ever since!
She likes to walk around by her self and thinks it's funny to throw out on the floow if we tell her no! She also likes to be held! I think today was pretty successful and I am exhausted! She's sleeping now so I will head down stairs to post the blog then we are all going to bed! Please pray that she will grieve like she should but that she will also continue to like us!

I couldn't believe we were already getting smiles from her tonight! At dinner, she thought she was just sooooo cute....and she is! I had to move fast but I got a picture of her!

One funny story of the night. She loves walking around by her self. I say loves, tonight she loved it! But I was walking behind her and she would look back and laugh then walk faster. Well, there are shops in the hotel that have all glass walls looking into them. She must have saw something she liked because she took off towards one of the shops! Oh...I know you know what happened next! Bam! Right into the wall! She rubbed her head and looked at me like it was my fault! Needless to say, she didn't do it again! I noticed she would walk up to the glass walls and doors with one hand out! She's reall smart and loves to mimic what we do!

That's all for now! Super sleepy!!!


  1. Yay! I've been checking your blog like crazy waiting for this! I'm SO happy for you! Lynleigh is just adorable! I'm so happy to hear all about it. Praying for you all!
    Tammy Pinnow

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  3. I am so happy to hear how wonderful everything has gone!!! She is absolutely, positively the cutest thing EVER!!!! I love her already!!!

    Meagan Deeb

  4. CONGRATULATIONS! What a cutie! And you're already getting smiles! I hope your sweet Lynleigh's transition to your family keeps going well. Hooray!

  5. When I saw this yesterday morning, I couldn't help but tear up! I'm so excited for y'all! What a dream come true for your family! Thank you for keeping us in the loop. :)