Thursday, September 1, 2011

It's Always Just Enough!

God always provides just enough! In my chronological bible study, I have been learning about how God always provides a solution before there is ever a problem. I love that we asked God for his adoption and the funds and he knew how it would all end before it even started!

I know that I have mentioned time and time again about how HE has provided for us during this journey. Well, he showed up and showe off again today! After the kind soul that donated the plane tickets, we only had to buy Lynleigh's. problem since Tony sold the Camery. Well, we got our invoice for the rest of the travel last night and it said we owed about $2700 for the rest of the trip. Cool! We had $2000 left from the sale of the car! Well, about an hour later, the travel agent emailed us to let us know that she sent us a wrong invoice. Well, it said we owed about $3600. Ok..that's not to big for my God, right? I'm cracking up right now because my friend Amanda asked me if I just sat there expecting it to fall in my lap! Haha! Well, I got a text from Tony today that said, "You know how God's always had just the right amount of money for us? Well, He's done it again!"

So, apparently there are some really generous people at Tony's work who donated some PTO time and we got yet another gift from a family member...and guess how much that added up too? $3700! Can you believe that? Nothing is too big for God!!!!! Now, all we are needing is spening I will sit here on the couch...Praise God for how he has provided and for what he has planned to finish this thing off debt free! And I will wait patiently for the Lord!

When we wake up tomorrow...we will only have 12 days to wait until we leave and 15 until we hold that sweet little girl at the top of this blog!

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