Wednesday, September 7, 2011

And The Blessings Continue!

I don't know why this always happens, but I tend to think God is finished with something right when He's in the middle of His greatness! Last week, we ended up with the exact amount of money to pay for our travel arraignments that weren't covered by the plane ticket donor or my dad who gave us the hotel points! I thought we would just use the extra check Tony would get this month and be very frugal on our trip. Then, I thought, well I could just borrow some money from my mom and pay her back when we got home. Well, God told me last year we would be debt free with this adoption...why do I keep under estimating him?

On Sunday, one of the pastors asked if he could meet with us on Tuesday (yesterday) since we were leaving next week. So, Tony, the boys, and I headed to the church office just thinking they would pray with us and wish us well....WELL....of course God had something better planned! We received ANOTHER donation from someone in the church! We weren't told who...just that God laid it on this family's heart to bless us! Oh...we are blessed...that's for sure! God has provided spending money for food and things for Lynleigh through this donation and I am truly humbled!

Tonight, we have been asked to be interviewed on stage during the service and to allow those at church pray over us! This will be the most humbling part of it all for me! I love to pray for other people! I'll pray all day...but for some reason when people pray for me, I cry uncontrollably! Let's hope I survive tonight!!

So, here we week away! Can you believe it? I'm so excited I can't stand it!

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  1. Hello Tobie. Yesterday and today God has wanted me to let you know He is still in control. Remember all the things He has done for you. God is still working. Lynleigh is just confused and tired.Let
    her clean. She was probably used to that at the orphanage. it is something familiar she is holding on to. Let the sweet and tender peace of Jesus carry you. I am so proud I finally figured out how to send you a message. Every day I am praying. I will not stop. I love you. Sarita