Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Question Is...

There's not really a question! That's just the funny thing our guide always starts his thoughts out with! This week, we have had the pleasure to spend our time with David from Lotus travels. He was out tour guide for the week and also helped with all of the paper work for the adoption. David was with us on Gotcha Day and has been such a big help getting us around town and even talking to Lynleigh and helping get her to stop crying! But I would crack up almost every time he would say things like, "The question is, we want to eat pizza for lunch." Or, "The question is we will park close to the door like VIP." As an English teacher it took everything in me not to laugh and then correct him. I didn't though, because I just loved hearing him say those things! The question is, we are doing well with Lynleigh. We have had a couple of set backs, though. I'm noticing that she wants to be held like a baby. That's fine with me because I didn't get to hold her like that so I will cradle her all she wants. She had fewer melt downs today...that was a good thing! However, She is struggling with Chinese women. They all want to pick her up and hold her and she loves that. They speak Chinese to her and she loves that. Once they pick her up, she doesn't want to come back to me or Tony. Unfortunately, this culture isn't the kind that you can just say "Hey lady don't touch my baby!" I'm trying not to let it hurt my feelings that she likes them better some times but it seems like we get to a really good place and then she back peddles a little! Please pray for Lynleigh that she won't lose the attachment she has gained with us! One of the sweet things she does do is when ever I say, "mama," she will run over to me and give me a big hug and kiss! She loves that! She will also do that to Tony when I say, "Baba!" She trusts us completely and since tomorrow is our free day, we are going to spend most of it in the hotel room just giving her attention! I think that will be a big help for her! Today, we went to the Terra Cotta Warrior Museum. It was really cool. Basically, one of the Emperors build this huge...and I mean huge tomb for him self and his many women, friends, and enemies. These warriors were made from clay and put outside to guard the tomb. These were unearthed about 40 something years ago by a farmer and have been in the process of restoration ever since. Tony loved this tour and plans to blog more about it. But for now, here are a few pictures of what we saw today. This is the mountain range that separates Xi'an into north and south! It's very smoggy here so sometimes it's hard to get a good picture of things far away. We took the opportunity to see what it was like to actually be a Terra Cotta Warrior. They didn't have a pip squeak one so she's a giant!
I will upload the video I had heretomorrow! I don't have much battery left and it's getting late! Stay tuned for the cutest thing ever!


  1. Tobie, once you have her home, things will get into routine and she'll have nothing to back pedal to. Praying she bonds even more securely to y'all in the next few days. She will, I know!

  2. Amazing photos! I love that one of the three of you together!