Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mama and Lee Lee

Day number three had some major ups and downs! We survived but I'm going to need some paxil when I get home for sure!!
Our day started at 12:30 am when Lynleigh woke up screaming! We put her in our bed and she slept restlessly the rest of the night! We are staying in a super nice hotel but our bed is way too hard to sleep on. Needless to say, Tony and I aren't sleeping very well. Like I mentioned yesterday, Lynleigh likes Tony but perfers me. So, I'm hurting all over from carrying her everywhere. We bought a stroller yesterday but she will only ride in it for about 5 minutes before major melt downs begin!
As for little miss Lynleigh, we are starting to really see her personality! She loves to hug and give kisses so that's what she and I seem to spend most of our time doing! Today, she started mimicing my facial expressions by sticking her toung out and smiling when I would. She also handed me the camer and played peek a boo so that I would take pictures of her!

Here are some pictures of our little game. She got mad at when the battery died and I stopped taking her picture. She's super fun when she's had a good nap and a big meal!

She is also really into playing with her stacking cups.

On the flip side, she really started showing some grieving today! Well, at least I think it was part of her grieving. Today, she was really clingly. She had about 4 melt downs before we left the hotel at 9 am. Her melt downs go a little like this...she drops what ever is in her hand, then she arches her bak and holds her breath for about a minute. Then when she takes a breath, she starts crying. She wants to do this on the floor and if we are some where that she can lay on the floor I will let her. But today at the city wall she flipped out because I wouldn't lay her on the muddy ground and let her cry! Tony ended up holding her until she fell asleep and after a good 45 minute nap, she was a lot happier!
Today I started finding myself very frustrated with some of the people here! For the most part they are super nice but some of them are driving me crazy worrying over Lynleigh. I've been told several times in the past two days that I'm not dressing her warm enough while she is visably sweating and screaming because she is hot! Also, they give the babies warm/hot water to drink and our guide keeps fussing because we aren't keeping her water warm enough! He tried to get me to buy a thermos to hold hot water! Then today at the Wild Goose Bagoda, she started her melt down thing again and I let her lay on the ground and this lady kept giving me a dirty look and wouldn't stop following our group! I'm trying to just smile and be nice, but you know that is not my nature!
On the up side of the day, she called me "Mama"! Well, at least she said mama when I said it to her! She also mimiced me when I pointed to her and said "Lynleigh" she pointed to herself and said "lee lee"! She has yet to say "Baba" but we are working on it!
Today, we went to several tourist sites including the wall around the city of Xi'an. Here are a few pics.

We also went to an art museum and got to write in Chinese characters.

And then we finished our day at the Wild Goose Pagoda. This is where the Buddest Monks live and people come here to pray several times per day.

This was my favorite place we've visited so far on this trip! Tomorrow we will visit the Terra Cotta Warrior museum. I'm excited about that and can't wait to see what it's all about! Let's pray that Miss Thang will ride in her stroller!
I'm really loving seeing her sweet personality some out! She's very smart and loves to play with her toys! She still likes things clean and orderly and will always wipe the table when she is eating. She doesn't want her hands dirty and will actually let you wipe her face! I know!!! She likes to have her shoes on at all times but when she isn't wearing them, they are placed neatly next to BaBa's by the bed! (She keeps organizing their shoes but doesn't seem to care about mine!)


  1. She's calling you Mama! It sounds like things are going really well. And once you get to Guangzhou people won't tell you to dress her differently--well, except to tell you to keep her out of the sun. ;)

  2. I was reading one of your older fb posts where you were talking about your boys' dirty feet and how u prayed Lynleigh would be clean. I guess he answered another prayer! Praying for you tonight.