Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Booked and Ready!

Well friends, we have booked our tickets and hotels! It looks like we will be leaving Wednesday evening. We will be spending the night in Detroit and then heading out Thursday night to Beijing!
We will spend Friday night and Saturday night in Beijing and then wake up Sunday morning and head to Xi'an. We will get Lynleigh Sunday afternoon!!!!! I can't believe it's almost that time!!! Then we stay in Xi'an until Friday and then head to Guangzhou for the rest of the trip. I'm super excited about something that is really stressing Tony...we will have to take an overnight train to Hong Kong for our flight home! I know we won't get to spend any time there but at least I can say we went, right?

There are several scheduled tours for us to take while we are there. It will really all depend on how well Lynleigh is adjusting to us whether our not if we get to go.

I am so grateful to Tony for taking time off work today to plan our trip! That is such a load taken off of my shoulders! 15 days!!!! In 15 days we will travel to China! In 19 days, we hold her for the first time! wow! It's all so real now!

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  1. Hooray! You are so close to your little girl! How will you celebrate her birthday? :)