Sunday, August 28, 2011

God Always Provides!

I know I've blogged a few times about how awesome God is and how he continues to provid for this adoption. We are just 18 days from travel and HE is showing us a glimps of what his plan has alway been. You see, God has provided every penny for us to bring Lynleigh home! And the best part, HE always provided it at just the right time! If we needed $250 then we would get $250. If it was time to pay a bill for adoption HE would give Tony over time or we would have a fundraiser. I've probably told you about how HE has worked it out that someone we don't know would want to give us thir frequent flier miles. Or how my dad has enough hotel points to pay for half of our hotel fees! I mean, the list continues! Just two weeks ago, we got a call from the anonimous donor had given $1700 for our adoption! I mean keeps going! That money was enough plus some to finish paying our adoption fees. Then, this weeknd, God sent someone interested in buying Tony's car! It wasn't even really for sale! Today, a small group leader that is a good friend said his group always takes a collection each semester and they use it to help a family in need. It was put on their heart to give it towards our adoption! It's enough to cover one night in a hotel! God wants Lynleigh home in our arms...and HE is making that way!

A month ago or so, my mom asked me how we would pay for the remainder of the adoption and my answer was, "I don't know...but Go does!" And boy did HE! It's funny...after last summer, when we tried to refinance our house and I felt the Lord leading us towards a debt free adoption...I didn't really worry where the money would come from. And here we sit...mearly weeks away from holding our little girl and I am in awe in HIS glory!

I didn't really have any news to share tonight...I just wanted to be able to look back at how faithful God has been in this adoption!

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  1. Hi, I'm a member of your travel group to China! We have a similar story about how God has provided. The most unbelievable thing to us was not how others gave (which they did), but how God showed us how to rearrange our own finances to provide most of the money for the adoption. We had been trying for years to save for an adoption and something always came along to "take" our money. But when God said, "Do this!", we were able to come up with much of it on our own. Looking back...we say, "Where did we get all this money?!" LOL