Tuesday, January 12, 2010

God's Will

I'm sure this will be the title of many of my posts while we're trying to adopt. But today, God reminded me of his will and how trusting him completely is a lot better than trying to control things on my own.

I'm totally determined to fundraise the majority of the money for our adoption. One of the things I have decided to do is sell my old Premier Jewelry. I have tons of it from when I sold it and I never wear most of the pieces! So, I put pics of some of the ones I want to sell on Facebook and in two days I got enough commentments for $200. This is awesome because One of the first things we need to pay for is the application for the home study. It totals $250. Today, I dropped off some of the jewelry with a lady I got to church with. She shared with me that her son adopted from China and what a blessing the little girl is to their family! Then she handed me a check for her jewelry.

When I got to the bank to cash it, I realized she gave me $35 more than I had quoted her! She's so sneaky! Anyway, that, along with the money I had already collected put us at $243. Then, this afternoon, Tony was folding laundry and found $7 in the wash. I mean seriously! God stashed money in the laundry for us! So, tomorrow when the social worker shows up, we will have the $250 application fee that is due!

I've always known that God had already written a check for this adoption the moment when he put it in my heart. I know that even when times don't seem like it, I will be able to look back at this moment and know that I know that God has his hand on this entire process.

Please continue to pray with us for not only our baby but also her mother. The woman who will sacrifice everything for us to have a little girl! Please also pray that God will continue to lift up the funds for this adoption!

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