Sunday, January 17, 2010

You'd think.....

Yes, you would think that I am actually HAVING a baby as consumed as I have been! Tony was at church all weekend, so I took the opportunity to work on some sewing projects that I have ben putting off. I successfully made two baby slings. They are gifts. I have one that I used with Kaden, but it's blue and will need something a little more girley when Baby China gets here. I also had tons of ribbon left after making key chains for Christmas. So, I just spent a few hours making some hair bows. I was productive though, I made some for my step nephew's wife. She's having a little girl in the next few months so I made duplicates so that mom can give them to her.

We have been working on a name for Baby China. Though Baby China is cute, it would be kind of a weird name for say, a 30 year old! We have agreed on a first name that we both seem to like. We're trying it on for a little while just to see. As for a middle name, we're not sure. Both boys have names of people in our family for middle names so I would like to stick with that. On the other hand, I would like to incorporate her Chinese name in some way. We're going to wait and see what her name means in English and maybe use that. We have plenty of time so I guess I should actually finish filling out paper work before I worry about what we will name her!

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