Sunday, June 21, 2009

As Tony and I were driving home from Nashville this morning, I got up the nerve to talk about our adoption process. For some reason, I am intimidated to talk to him about this! I'm not real sure why. Anyway, back to my story! As you know, I have been looking into the Child of Promise program with Holt International. I have been praying that God would lead us to which of the needs we would look into adopting. Of course, I am open to almost anything. Almost! But I know Tony is not. Today, he committed to taking a child with a cleft lip. I'm super excited about this! When Kaden was born he had a cleft lip. You can read more about Kaden's story here. I knew when he was born special that God had a huge reason for it! I felt one of those reasons was so that I could learn to love people who were different from me! I'm curious to see how God will use our story with Kaden to bless a sweet baby and our family!
So, keep up the prayers!

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