Monday, June 15, 2009

How God Moves Us

So many times, people ask me why I have such a strong desire to adopt. First of all my main reason is because I truly believe this is God's will for our family. Secondly, I read stories like this one! I swear, (and I'm not going to lie...sometimes I do!) it makes me so mad to read about cultures that prefer a certain sex of a child so they abort and/or throw away children! I guess because of the desires God put in my heart, I couldn't imagine NOT wanting a child! I mean, I totally understand stories of teenagers or rape victims putting their child up for adoption because of their situation. But as a married woman, it has never occured to me that I didn't want MY child!

In a related topic, my good friend I blogged about a coupld of weeks ago told me a story this morning that brought tears to my eyes. She has been sharing with me her desire to adopt but that her husband wasn't 100% on board. Her husband just returned from a mission trip, where he watched an 8 month old baby die because of malnutrition. He said while he was there, he actually had to teach this tiny baby how to drink from a bottle. He prayed that God would take care of the child and meets its needs. Though it doesn't seem like it could be, this baby's death was an answered prayer. While it was 8 months old, it was about the size of a two month old American child! Can you even imagine? So, the husband returned with a blazing fire to expand their family internationally! He told my friend that it was not just a desire but an obligation for them to adopt! Man, I love how God works! Here I am two weeks off the meds and I'm all teared up just thinking about it! I am totally praying that this will be something she and I can share! It was so much fun having our boys 6 days apart! I hope our baby girls will be this close too!

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