Friday, June 26, 2009

Weird But Cool you may know...I had lunch with a friend this week and discussed how to get started with our adoption. My friend emailed me that next day with more information. Right below her email was an email from some one at Holt Int. The lady was checking up on our packet we got a few months ago. So, after thinking about what I wanted to write her, I finally told her we were pretty sure we wanted a child of promise. So, yesterday, I went to the hospital to visit a friend who just had a baby. Of course she was just such a cutie that my baby meter shot into high gear! Just went I started to think I was getting baby fever and maybe we should just do this the old fashion way, I checked my email again and found a new message from Holt. Basically, she was telling me that we would be a great fit for the child of promise because of our history with Kaden's cleft.

I love how God works. Just when you start to think outside HIS box, he sends something your way to remind you of his plan for you! Ilove how he says, "remember I'm in control and it's not up to YOU to make your own decisions!" I love that!

So anyway, the average wait time of a "regular" child is now 42-45 months. The wait time of a child of promise is 12-18 months! It's possible that in a year and a half we could have a new addition to our family! Wow! That's just the craziest thought!

Funny story. Today the boys and I were discussing possible names for our little sister. Brady got mad because "all the good names have been taken!" But then Kaden chimmed in and said..."I yike Bubba!" I just looked at him and said, "But that's your name." He said "It's baby China's name too!" That kid!

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