Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I'm reading the chronological bible as preparation for a bible study I will attend this summer. I picked up on the day that is listed in the bible instead of starting at the very beginning. (We will start at the beginning in the study so I didn't want to re-read) As I'm reading, I find that my prayers and blogs sound a lot like David when he went through his "crybaby" phase! There are so many Psalms that say things like "Why have your forsaken me" or "Where have you gone?" I feel like David right now! I know that God hasn't left me and I know that He's sitting with Lynleigh right now taking care of her until He's ready for us to come get her...but I feel like He's busy somewhere else. I know that HIS timing is perfect, but I can't help feeling guilty that I'm living life...going to baseball games...snuggling Brady and Kaden...and she's sitting there waiting on me to come get her and I'm disappointing her! I know she doesn't know that we are going to be her family and she can't possibly understand that there is a better life out there waiting on her. But I'm so upset that she is sitting in an orphanage probably waiting for her turn to be held by the few care givers that are working, longing for human touch!

I called this post "tears" because for someone who doesn't cry much, I have shed a lot of tears this past week about this! I'm begging from the bottom of my heart that you will pray for Lynleigh to hurry home! Please pray that God will expidite the paper work and get us on a plane to get her! And pray that her heart will be prepared for us to be her family and that God will continue to provide the funds for our travel!

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  1. Oh, Tobie, my heart aches for you! I'm praying for you, for Tony, for the boys, and for Lynleigh! When I was pregnant and had to be on bed rest for three months, time seemed to draaaaaag on. Now, when I look back, it doesn't seem that long at all. That's how this will be when you finally get her!