Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A New Perspective!

I have been trying to work through the issues I've been having with our LOA taking so long, so I have decided to dive into the word, read Crazy Love (because it's for our small group), and working on how I've been praying. And then, this weekend, a new friend gave me a totally new perspective.

You see, I'm to the frustrated part of this adoption. Where people are always asking questions that I just don't have the answers to and it's really starting to take a toll on my emotions. And I'm so tired of everyone offering up the "it's all in God's timing" help. While venting to a friend, she mentioned that in her last adoption she realized that it was in God's timing but not for her...for her son. Had they gotten him six months earlier they may not have had the good transition they did with him. All this time, I have been praying that Lynleigh will transition well and instead of realizing that God has been working this out for her...I felt it was being worked out for me! I have been selfish with my prayers and needs. I wasn't thinking that I had asked him for something and HE was answering my prayers!
So, I'm still praying for speedy paper work and I'm still praying for her transition! But I'm praising HIM for his answered prayers this week!


  1. Oh, Tobie. This post gives me chills. I'm so happy for you in your new perspective. It's what I'm hanging onto too. Our son did come to us at the exact right moment for him, even though we wanted him home 11 months sooner. Lynleigh--and you, her waiting family--are in my prayers. I hope we get to travel to bring our little ones home soon...maybe even together. :)

  2. Something I'm learning from reading and from personal experience is that God's plan is ALWAYS perfect. Very hard lessons to learn!!! Getting His perspective on things makes it a little more bearable, right? Still praying you hear something soon!